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                                                                                Free Money! Wind Turbines, Solar Systems?  Call today

                                                          Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Program Participating Company

                                30% federal tax credit plus local utility rebates may be available

                                                      Wind Turbine federal tax credit is also 30%       

  Our home or business energy analysis package includes Thermal Imaging of your building.                                                     

                Technology has finally brought us into a new world of renewable energy resources and ERC will lead

                you through the conversion process of eliminating your home and business's outsourced energy needs. 

                  We have a full range of  products to meet your Solar, Wind, Home Automation, Led lighting needs.                                            

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Poly & Mono Crystal  PV               Wind Turbines          Solar Hot water              Passive Solar       Super Insulating your Home 


          Net Metering.                   Electric Vehicles            Tax Incentives             Electric Consumption           Thin Film Photovoltaic 


    Infrared Images               Solar Pool Heaters                      Led Lighting                Coal Pollution                Home Mold


                      Economic Recovery Act notice! New Tax Incentives for Solar and Wind Systems

             installations with the new 30% federal tax credit and rebates the government and utilities

             will reduced your Solar System or Wind Turbine cost.

                     ERC can help you build an energy neutral home or businesses!  

                 Click Here to see all the current ERC Solar Systems and news stories.  ===   ERC NEWS  

                             With Net Metering you can turn your electric meter backwards                              

          Don't waste money any longer by not harnessing the power of  solar and wind energy

                           Call for a free telephone quote.    Phone 952-836-9910 

Note an onsite home energy analysis and site evaluation is needed before any true estimates can be given.

    We use satellite aerial images of your address to check on the Solar and Wind potential of your site.

    You can also email a jpeg picture of your home or business with its orientation and roof pitch

      ERC performs alternative energy site analysis, including Thermal Imaging of buildings for heat loss.

              We also do complete system analysis of your current electrical energy needs.


  Schedule a Alternative Energy Presentation for your organization. 

                            Wind turbine trained and certified professional

                           Solar hot water factory trained, sales, service, installation specialist

                           Photovoltaic factory trained, sales, service, installation specialist

                            Solar ,Wind, Led, design and analysis software developers.   

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